About us

Our company is located in the west Bohemia, in a little town named Bečov nad Teplou. We have produced our products for more than 11 years. Our major production contains of glass, iron and porcelain. All the products are handmade and every single product is original. There are not even two products exactly the same. That is what makes our e-shop a little different than the other ones. You can be sure you will have a product that cannot be found anywhere else.

 Our company

Since childhood, we have loved color. We sat in astonishment watching a kaleidoscope play of colors and shapes inside. Over the years we have come across to glass and its properties charmed us. It is also related to the light, its effects of changing glass…it always looks different. It is on a wall, on a floor, on a human skin ... in our lamps, jewelry; glass bowls ... Moreover we like to combine with other materials and we love to change its state.

 Our work began forming more than eleven years ago, initially in a cellar, in wet and cold. We have a larger and nicer workshop now, full of the windows and apple trees behind them. We enjoy our work very much. 

Our products are the combination of several technologies: Stained Glass (lead, tiffany), sandblasting, fusing, etching and painting on glass. We can also create larger orders thanks to a large fusing furnace and a sandblaster.